Our Partners

Whether it's organic, hand-crafted teas, chiropractic care, or you just need someone to talk to...we have you covered!  At the MacArthur Wellness Center, we are family.  Therefore, we treat all as family!


It's an herb

It’s An Herb offers organic bulk herbs and hand-crafted teas from our master herbalist, Kassidie Mankin.


DR. jeffery L. mussman, dc

Our purpose is to get chiropractic to as many people as we possibly can, and to educate them about chiropractic so that they may tell others. We know that if someone is alive and has vertebral subluxations (misaligned bones interfering with nerves) they have to be better off without them!

Dr. Mussman is a highly skilled chiropractor and communicator.  Dr. Mussman has been serving his practice members and families for 17 years.  Our office is now serving the communities of Warr Acres, Bethany and West Oklahoma City.  Dr. Mussman is committed to serving chiropractic to individuals and families who desire to live life and health to their fullest potential.  Focusing on Upper Cervical adjustments, family care, acute injury and overall health. 


Svetlana Van Hooser, LPC

Offering psychotherapy in English, Spanish, and Russian. My work is mainly based on a psychodynamic approach and the family constellations work founded by Bert Hellinger. Constellation work is usually done in a group setting, however, I mainly work in individual settings using the same principles. We will work at your pace, trusting the process and respecting your heritage.