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Lana Van Hooser, MA, LPC


My name is Svetlana Van Hooser and if it is hard to pronounce my full name, you can call me Lana. I offer counseling in English, Spanish, and Russian languages. In describing my approach to work, I'd like to use the analogy of a tapestry. 

tap·es·try / noun

  1. a piece of thick textile fabric with pictures or designs formed by weaving colored weft threads or by embroidering on canvas.

    • used in reference to an intricate or complex combination of things or sequence of events.

      "a tapestry of cultures, races, and customs"

By the time you and I meet, you will have some kind of tapestry on your hands that had been woven by your family and passed on to you. The tapestry of your life and the life of your family might have certain colors in it, some patterns might be repeating themselves, some ties might be missing and some knots might be seen. 

In our work together we can look into all of those things and let you decide which patterns you will want to keep and which ones you can choose to change. Which color palate better suits you? Which entanglements are keeping you from moving freely about your life? Some missing threads might bring back memory of an important member of the family who had been forgotten. Acceptance of your family and your history might give you more peace.

Once we discover these things, you will be able to create your own designs, make decisions about your life that would be more informed. The process can at times be tiring and daring, but at the same time it can bring wonderful results and greater peace of mind.

My work is mainly based on a psychodynamic approach and the family constellations work founded by Bert Hellinger. Constellation work is usually done in a group setting, however, I mainly work in individual settings using the same principles. We will work at your pace, trusting the process and respecting your heritage. Sometimes we will talk about things, sometimes we will keep silent to connect to deep feelings inside.  If all of this makes sense to you, do not hesitate to contact me.